For Gilberto


Written in response to the piece above, Sueño del unicornio, 1996, by Gilberto Aceves Navarro for an exhibition of his work at Galeria Hilario Galguera, Mexico City.


The tipsy light.

Upon this red,

Upon this white.


Like the relief of lovers,

Who’ve found,

Each other.

After the fire,

Of smothered profligacy.

Embers veracity,

Passion paints.

In this city,

Of Saints.

The fashion,

Of Sinners


Within us,

Through conjuring hands.

We visit his land.



Gilberto’s fingerprints,

On retinas scan,

The master,

And his masterplan.

Alluring that fear,

That fear of ideas.

Under the midnight sun,

Clemency runs,

At blue truths.

For if it’s people you look through,


Becomes you.

Papa’s song trailed away,



Choking preachers,


Yoking teachers,


Whose nouse’s,


To adorn,

Myopic masks,

To Stale yells,

They’d clasp.

To his oxygen,

He gasped.

Like uncoiled propane,

That bubbled in the blood.

Simmered Insane,

Then came the flood.

Toward heaven,

Through veins.

With oil sprung from the wells,

Of the lonely continent of hell,

With oil sprung from the wells,

Of the lonely continent of hell.

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